Friday, November 10, 2017

The New Kids In The Flock

 With it being molting season, egg laying has been very slow. Some days we're only getting 6 eggs!  I decided to plan ahead for an abundance of eggs this spring.  I ordered 29 chicks from Ideal Hatchery and a Wake Forest student hatched 20 of our chicks as school project.  The 49 chicks are super cute.

In other baby news.....   One of our Cuckoo Marans hens hatched 4 Ancona ducklings (I ordered the fertilized eggs from ebay) and they're doing well and growing quickly.  Oh, and ducks are VERY messy! The momma hen has no idea that her babies aren't chickens. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Time For Your Close-Up

 Dark cornish cross
 Easter Egger
 Cuckoo Marans
 White Polish
 Easter Egger cross
 Black Australorp cross
Easter Egger cross

Pollo, The Chicken Kitten

About 6 weeks ago, a tiny kitten joined our flock.  I found her walking with the flock, trying to snuggle with the hens.  They didn't want her to snuggle but they didn't mind her hanging out with them.  
She sleeps in the coop and stays with the flock all day.  She's quite a wild little kitten and I can only touch her when she's eating. 

I've named her Pollo, which means "chicken" in Spanish, since she seems to think she's a chicken.  She has her own little pen in the coop where she eats and sleeps at night.  She shares their water and explores during the day but always stays close to the flock.  When the rooster sound their alarm (warning of danger... real or imagined) she runs for cover along with the rest of the flock.  
 The chickens have trained her (with pecks on the head) to respect them.  She knows they're not toys or playmates.

She's such a pretty girl and we've put her in charge of pest control. 


Yesterday evening I spent some time with the flock as they foraged.  They love kicking the leaves aside and looking for the bugs underneath.  There is still plenty of grass to eat but they've eaten almost all of the figs off of the tree at this point. 
 "Rod Stewart" the rooster we hatched this spring.  He's 1/4 Polish and definitely Sterling's son (silver leghorn).
 Two Splash Cochin 4 month old roosters with a Barnevelder hen.

 One of the Easter Egger X hens we hatched this spring.

 3 month old Bielefelder rooster and blue laced red wyandottes.

I think the chickens enjoyed their serenade.

 Phyllis Diller.  She's one of my favorite hens. She's completely goofy and hilarious.

 Black cochin pullet.

 Our toy poodle puppy is so curious about the chickens.
Bella, the light brahma.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

46 Baby Chicks

I hatched 46 chicks using the incubator last week.  Here are some pictures of the newest little ones around The Painted Hen coop.  We'll keep a few and the rest will be found new homes.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Time

Strawberry has become quite the snuggler and likes to nap on my lap.  
The incubator is full and we should have baby chicks any day now!